Monday, October 8, 2012

Taking back our specialties.

Local Sit and spin. 

Of late public knitters and spinners are popping up in some of the most unexpected places. A craft that has traditionally been in the home has found it's way on the public buses, and to park benches. Most people are not expecting to turn the corner in your downtown area and find a spinning wheel a whirling or drop spindle spinning away. 

While last month was International Spin in public day I wish to keep this movement going. 
I am gathering a number of other local fiber artists and we want to take back our area. We are going to gather and "cop a squat" in out own nontraditional places.

 I challenge you do join others in your area. If you are not a spinner, knitter or artist I say pick one of your hobbies that are normally done within your home, and try it were others can see. See reactions of others when they see what wonderful things you can do. It is a wonderful chance to not only exchange ideas, but teach others about your skill.