Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Plans

Well Projects out everyone. What is it that is making your tick at this time.

Many of you may or may not know my husband Raine is always supportive of my projects, though in all the years we have been together has only ever asked from one thing made (knit or crochet). Well that changed, a few months back he stated he would love a knit kilt. So I did what any loving knitting wife would. I went to Google.... and Ravelry, and every other knitting site there was. Seemed to date there has not been a true Men's kilt that has been knit.

So I put out some feelers and conferred with some experts (also whom admitted to having never heard of this project) and I got stated. With many restarts I am seeing the end of the finish-line with this kilt and I must say for a prototype it is looking wonderful. Once I have finished the bottom up length I will be adding in the pleats, and a waistband including belt loops.

The funny thing is I already have request to make these kilts for a number of people. However here is my official statement on this. At this time it is not conducive for my company to spend such a long time working on such large projects. However I do intend on righting a pattern and offering it in my shop and a few other places for a very reasonable price. I hope that by this time next year knitted kilts will be all the rage.

But then the question is what is next on the block.

Well with the help of the new face in my Comp we are now offering banners, avatars, and custom cards. And soon I will be adding wood projects to the ranks.

New batches of Handmade soaps are planned soon, and or coarse with the Olympics (Ravolympics) I will be working on spinning, and knitting small projects that I hope to offer for the shop as well. This summer heat is not getting me down. I will not be daunted by record heat, but instead enjoy the sun.