Saturday, October 4, 2014

Glazes for all

There are few things that are a given in the world of art, however one has always been the case. Clay and Glazes are the lifeblood of pottery. Talent and vision are the body of this art, however clay and glazes are the thing that runs in all potters. I myself have found that over the years I love the making and altering of glazes to meet my needs far more fulfilling and economical then using commercial glazes and clays. Having studied a good amount under wonderful professors in school and later on my own I decided it was time to make something I saw the world was missing. 

For years ceramic artists have been able to find recipes in magazines here and there, books and now on the internet. However I had yet to find a database that held more then a handful of recipes that were free to all.

True each potter has their own magic and personal recipes (I know I do) however I wanted to have a foundation for all to share knowledge and be able to experiment. 

For the last 14+ years I have been collecting recipes for clays, glazes, and other useful materials. I would like to officially introduce this database. Though I one day hope to make it part of it's own website at this time it is found on my own, and add photos soon. Until this point I can only add links to images. Yet all of that is on it's way.

I would like to welcome all glaze and clay makers to see what I have collected over the years and try out a few recipes. Note many of these are Very old, not all are food safe however I would not like to see these recipes disappear. Too many techniques slip away due to disuse so I did not discriminate.

Also note I have not made all of these, only a small percentage. I will not ask any subscriptions for this database or fees though would love for artists to share their samples via photos. I will link to your image on the recipe and credit the artist with their name or web address.

At this time I have a large portion of my collection posted online, though I am adding often, and would again be happy to add any recipes and the name/website of those that send a new one to me. So far over 1200 glazes and variations are posted along with hundreds of Clay Slip and other Recipes. This is based in Google Drive at this time for the ability of all to see it free with minimal software issues.

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