Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cross Country Shawl

We are embarking on a cross-country move (again) on the 25th of March. I have been pondering what project to work on for this 4 day drive. My project up until this point has been a pair of socks, though I am nearly finished with sock #1, and would have made the second in a day. I really like the idea of having a project that i start and finish all on the drive without it leaving large gaps of time.

So after much thought I am going to be working on another Shawl. My last one was very fun and is beautiful. I am hoping to have the same sort of results with this new project.

I will be taking photos of my project along the way. Believe it or not I hope to start the piece as we leave Salt Lake City on Sunday Morning and  finish this by our arrival on Thursday in Hickory North Carolina.

We are making this a four day trip rather than the 3 we made it in last time. So barring bad weather (no light, or more frequent driver changes) I should have nearly 4 days of uninterrupted knitting. Wish me luck.

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