Monday, May 7, 2012

Make your dishes Sparkle

Dish washing liquids are not all the same, for many years soap scum residue was a problem even with new dishwashers. We changed brands of cleaners, used all the additives, but still would have to hand scrub some things just to get them to LOOK clean. Then I gave up on it. 

No I did not go out and get new plates and glasses, or get rid of the dishwasher. Instead I stopped using commercial soaps. Instead I used a traditional homemade recipe that has done a far better job at a fraction of the price. Even the lower end liquid would cost about .20 a load, my homemade liquid is .04 a load and dose a better job, with no soap scum to speak of. 

A box of BORAX and Baking Soda cost about $1.00 each, and then Lemon juice is also about $1. I use one Tbs each of BORAX and BS adding 4 cups of water, and a squeeze of Lemon juice to cut grease. Once mixed I let this sit for a few hours to thicken a bit before use. To really get shine I add a bit of white vinegar into the additive tank to release a bit at each rinse.

Never again can I see the logic of buying cleaner when in the time it takes to make  some Kool Aid I can have an entire container of spot free low cost dish washing liquid

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