Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Sun

Summer sun getting your down? If you are like me fair skin may keep you out of the sun, and keep you from being out on these wonderful days. But there are tips to help this problem and protect yourself from UV damage.

We all know that sunscreen and hats are what we should always use before we leave the house. They protect us from UV rays that are not only bad for our overall health, but our skin pays the price. There are a few tricks for those that wish to help in the protection of our skin.

If you forgot to apply, or sunscreen fails you then you there are tips and tricks that will help deal with the damage. Keeping your skin moist is always ideal though when it is damaged it is even more important. Aloe is a well known cooling salve that is often used for this problem, however I since have found it caused me more problem with its slimy or sticky feel. In my search for the right solution I came upon the solution already in my cabinet a few years ago. 

The item that I had been using for spots and skin blemishes, along with the once and a while bug bite, witch hazel has great effects on sunburns and sun damage.  I have started using this product everyday, it not only is good for sunburns and the before mentioned problems it cleans and tones skin leaving you with the same positive effects of aloe without the slimy/sticky feeling.

Witch Hazel is known for the fallowing effect and more.

  • Soothing poison Ivy/oak, bug bites, cuts, bruises chicken pox, blisters, and burns
  • Soothes heat/diaper rash, and razor burn
  • Helps control skin blemishes and spots
  • Removes heat and redness from Sunburns
In addition to the soothing of the damaged skin you need to lotion the areas that are damaged. Burns tend to blister and peal when the water boils in the cells. This rapid heating process effects the hydration of the skin, and to aid in the repair lotion can be added in addition to your soothing balms. Look for lotions high in antioxidants 

I have in the past blended my favorite lotion with the witch hazel to get the blended effect. It worked wonderfully however the mix was oily as the lotion was not not made with the additional ingredient in mind. 

Some homemade products have these added in from the beginning, though you may not find them in stores. I make and often sell body butter in the summer just for this purpose. I intend to start using offering it year long as the effects are seen all year, and always good even without sun damage. 

But most of all, in the summer heat. Keep on your sunblock and hat. Remember too your sunglasses (my worst failing) and lip balm. After all lip are skin too, and your eyes are fragile things, take care of them. 

Drink lots of water, not only will this help with your internal temp, and dehydration, but hydrated skin is more likely to recover from skin damage faster.

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