Thursday, August 23, 2012

Classes for the Masses

Education has seen a great change in the last few decades. Before you had Public, or Private schools. Today you also tend to find Magnet schools, online schools and perhaps one of the fastest growing groups Home Schools. While all have wonderful advantages on some level many have one fatal Flaw. The arts is slowly being removed from the General Education of today's youth.

Today if you have a child that has a strong gift for art and they are lucky enough to have it spotted by someone that is in the know they may luck out and have chance at an Art Magnet School. However in the public and even some private schools art is being shoved even farther down the requirement latter in exchange for classes that press one into the proverbial box. As a teacher once told me there are many levels of thinking and what is often taught in schools (history, language, social studies, even spelling, and some math) is Memory. This is the lowest and least effective form of thought, yes what the simple minded animal in the changes use when taught a trick. The highest form of thought is creative thinking and problem solving.

Unless you are in a special class or program this is not taught in school as it can not be tested. With one exception, art classes. Art and creative studies encourages students to think on a higher level then simply the swallowing and regurgitation of knowledge. They also are the classes that let the student express themself and learn who they truly are.

Studies have shown that age 8 is a pivital age in the life of a child. prier to this age you were not forced to color in the lines, art was what you made not what it looked like. Between 5-8 pressure begins to be placed on the child to make art that Looks like something. This stunts their creative thought and makes them wish to color in the lines. Well I say no more. Lines are there as a guide not a law. Let art be reborn in the lives of youth.

More and more families and home school groups are contacting artist and having private lessons given to round out the lack of creative learning being given in most schools. These opportunistic give the average student a better chance in the future to see what it is they wish to become, not only artist, but creative directors, architects, business owners all can spout from an unrecognized love of art.

It has been my goal for many years to help people young and old embrace art for their minds, and spirit. I have taught in many programs for over 9 years. Now I am offering private classes for home school, private families, or those that are hoping to build a personal portfolio for schools that you are looking to attend. So if you have a child that seems to need an extra boost or is just showing a love of art, look in your area for classes or groups. Range in price and quality, you may get a discount if you have a group. So see what you can find by looking for art classes for the masses.

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