Sunday, August 5, 2012

Self Fiber Challenge

Through the olympics I have set myself with a few goals. I joined Ravolympics, a contest to do fiber events throughout the entire Olympics.
I have joined events such as
Charity Rowing, Hand Dye High Dive, Handspun Heptathlon, Hat Dash,Free Style, Single Skein Sprint, and Sock Put.

These events were designed so that they were to be started at the lighting of the torch and must be finished before the ending ceremony.
Below are some of the events that are offered.

afghan marathon
baby dressage
bag-n-tote backstroke
balance beads
cable steeplechase
cast on mania trap shoot
charity rowing
colourwork crosscountry
cowl jump
double-knit boxing
felted freestyle
free choice all-around
frogging trampoline
hand-dye high dive
handspun heptathlon
hat dash
holiday hurdles
home stuff hammerthrow
lace longjump
mitten medley
modular relay
rhythmic machinastics
scarf hockey
shawl sailing
single skein sprint
sock put
swatching coxswain
sweater triathlon
synchronized stash busting
toy toss
weaving vault
wips wrestling

So I challenge you...
Do something that makes you challenge yourself this month.

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