Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Form and Function

New Year New Inspiration

Well with my new Studio, and a new year I have started finding myself working in a new way. Thinking more about the relationship and symbiotic relationship between the vessel and the material inside.

Teapots, Honey Pots, Salt Shakers, Plates, they are all utilitarian and have been taken advantage of for years to the point we no longer see them. However their form and usage as started to give me a feeling of truth. They do not hold back what they are, they do not strive to be more then they are, only to be the best of what they are.

They may have a surface beauty, though it is only really a make of the maker, while the form is the true beauty, along with the way that it fulfill it's purpose. A teapot that is not functional is lovely to sit on the mantel but then the truth of the piece is gone forever, while it LOOKS like a Teapot, it will not work as One
While if you were to make a piece that is Functional with a small amount of decoration and alteration, though can and still is used, this pieces holds far more beauty for me then the showpieces on the mantel or in the museum. For it is a Living Piece in that it is interacting with not only people but also the material that gives it soul.

An Pot can sit on an stand, mantel or in a corner, but until it is filled with the ashes of a loved on it is not fulfilling it's purpose as an Urn. A reciprocal for those we wish to keep close, while replacing the ill feelings of loss with a beauty in form and decoration.

Their for I am going to be starting a new line of work that revisits a topic from my past, Inner Space. Only rather then talking about my own inner spaces as I did in that Show I will be looking at the form and function that the inner space of pieces creates. Join me on my quest for a better understanding of what makes each piece have it's own Soul.

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